Guar gum Powder for Construction

Ashapura Proteins Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers, supplies and exporters of Guar Gum Powder for Construction. Guar gum is a natural plant-based product derived from the seeds of the guar plant (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba). It is a polysaccharide composed of mannose and galactose units and is known for its excellent thickening, stabilizing, and binding properties. This modification of guar gum severely improves its properties, like- alkaline stability, hydrophobicity, solubility, biostability, etc. It is thus deemed suitable for construction applications. It's crucial to remember that guar gum's use and application in construction can vary depending on the particular project needs and the manufacturing processes employed. To ensure optimal usage and compatibility with other materials, it is crucial to follow suitable criteria and seek the advice of professionals, just like with other construction material or additive.

Advantages of Guar gum Powder for Construction

  • Water Retention: Guar gum has excellent water retention properties. When added to cement or mortar mixes, it helps in retaining water, which is essential for proper hydration of cement particles. This results in improved workability and setting time of the cementitious materials.
  • Increased Adhesion : Guar gum powder acts as a binding agent and can enhance the adhesion between various construction materials, such as tiles and substrates, leading to stronger and more durable bonds.
  • Reduced Shrinkage and Cracking : By enhancing the water retention and workability of the construction materials, guar gum powder helps reduce the likelihood of shrinkage cracks that can occur as the material dries or cures.
  • Sustainable Sourcing : Guar gum is derived from the seeds of the guar plant, which is a renewable resource. As a result, it can contribute to more sustainable construction practices.

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