Guar Meal

Guar Meal (Animal & Bird Fodder)

Guar Meal is a byproduct of the Guar Gum industry, produced from Guar seeds after the extraction of Guar Gum. It is commonly used as a high protein feed supplement in animal and bird diets due to its rich nutritional content. Guar meal is rich in protein and carbohydrates, low in ash and fibre, and free of toxins and harmful substances. It is considered a valuable supplement for animals as it helps improve their digestive health, immunity, and overall growth. Guar Meal is available in different forms such as Guar Korma and Guar Churi, which vary in their protein and fiber content. It is also used as a raw material in the production of various animal feeds, pet foods, and poultry feeds. The use of Guar Meal as a feed supplement has gained popularity due to its high nutritional value and affordable cost.

Guar Korma for Aquaculture Feed

Guar Meal, also known as Guar Korma or Guar Churi, is a by-product obtained from the processing of Guar seeds. It is a high-protein feed ingredient that is used as an animal and bird fodder. Guar Meal contains about 50% protein and is rich in essential amino acids such as lysine, tryptophan, and methionine. It is also a good source of energy, fibre, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Guar Meal is widely used as a supplement in the diets of livestock, poultry, and fish. It is especially beneficial for ruminants such as cows, buffaloes, and sheep, as it is easily digestible and helps in improving their overall health, growth, and milk production. It is also used as a source of protein and energy in the diets of poultry and fish.

Guar Meal is available in different forms such as Guar Meal Churi, Guar Meal Korma, and Guar Meal Roasted, depending on the processing method used. Roasted Guar Meal is particularly preferred as it has a higher protein content and improved digestibility compared to other forms.

Properties of Guar Meal

  • High Protein Content: Guar Meal is an excellent source of protein, with a protein content of up to 55-60%. This makes it a popular choice for animal and bird feed, especially for poultry and cattle.
  • Rich in Fibre: Guar Meal contains a high amount of fibre, which aids in digestion and helps improve gut health in animals.
  • Low in Fat: Guar Meal is low in fat, which makes it a healthy alternative to other animal feeds that may be high in fat.
  • Cost-Effective: Guar Meal is relatively cheaper compared to other animal feeds, making it an economical choice for animal and bird feed manufacturers.
  • Easy Availability: As a by-product of Guar Gum Powder processing, Guar Meal is readily available in large quantities, making it a reliable source of animal feed.

Use of Guar Meal

  • Animal Feed: Guar Meal is a rich source of protein and is commonly used as a feed for cattle, poultry, and fish. It helps to improve their growth and overall health.
  • Soil Conditioner: Guar Meal is also used as a soil conditioner due to its high nitrogen content. It helps to improve soil fertility and promotes healthy plant growth.
  • Industrial Applications: Guar Meal is used as a binding agent in the manufacturing of various industrial products such as paper, textiles, and explosives.
  • Biogas Production: Guar Meal is used as a substrate for the production of biogas. It helps to improve the efficiency of the biogas production process and increases the yield of biogas.
  • Organic Fertilizer: Guar Meal can be used as an organic fertilizer due to its high nutrient content. It helps to improve soil structure, water retention, and overall plant growth.
  • Health Supplements: Guar Meal is also used in the production of health supplements due to its high protein and fibre content. It helps to improve digestion and overall health.

Chemical Analysis

MOISTURE 10% Maximum
PROTEIN 5% Maximum
AIR (Acid in insoluble Residue) 3% Maximum
TRACES (CHAFF) 0.5 Maximum
FOREIGN PARTICELS (All Non Gum) 0.20 Maximum
ASH 1.2 Maximum


After 2 Hours 4800 cps minimum


Guar Meal (Animal & Bird Fodder)

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