Guar Gum Powder for Ice Cream Stabilizers

Guar gum Substitute of Xanthan Gum

We are one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Guar Gum Powder for Ice Cream Stabilizers. Guar gum powder prevents the production of ice cream by increasing the viscosity of the mixture when it is used in ice cream compositions. The texture becomes creamier and smoother as a result, while melting and heat shock resistance both improve. Guar gum powder is a white, creamy powder that has been used as a stabiliser in the ice cream industry and has the capacity to bind water and suspend solids.

Ice cream has been a widely consumed dairy food. It is a frozen delicacy prepared from dairy products like milk, ice cream, and other ingredients. Stabilisers are used in processing and formulation to attain the required quality. Stabilisers in ice cream aid in improving aeration, controlling meltdown, and increasing the viscosity of the ice cream mix. Guar gum powder is one of the stabilisers that is most frequently used in the ice cream industry.

Advantages of Guar Gum Powder for Ice Cream Stabilizers

  • Texture Improvement : The use of guar gum powder gives ice cream a smoother, more uniform texture by reducing the size of the ice crystals that develop. It improves the product's mouthfeel and creaminess.
  • Melting Resistance :The resilience of ice cream to melting and heat shock can be increased by adding guar gum powder. This enables the ice cream to keep its form and structure longer, even in warmer environments.
  • Emulsion Stabilization :The emulsifier function of guar gum powder aids in stabilising the water and fat components of ice cream. This avoids ingredient separation and guarantees a uniform and reliable product.
  • Reduced Iciness : Guar gum powder aids in lowering the development of ice crystals by preventing their growth, which can prevent an icy or gritty texture in ice cream.

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