Guar gum Powder for Mining and Explosive

Guar Gum Powder in Mining and Explosive Industry

Owing to our immense years of experience in this field, we have become the renowned company for offering Guar Gum powder for Mining and Explosive from Ahmedabad. The primary application of guar gum is as a flocculant to create liquid-solid separation. Flotation also makes use of guar gum. For talc or insoluble gangue that is extracted alongside the valuable minerals, it has a depressive effect.

The inherent qualities of guar gum powder make it helpful in the mining and construction industries. It works effectively as a gelling agent for both pumpable slurry explosives and gell sausage-type explosives. The manufacturing of water-resistant ammonium nitrate stick explosives uses guar gum as a binding agent. The outer wall's gum swells quickly when the explosive stick is submerged in water, and the resulting gel delays the salts' leaching. Slurry explosives also employ it as a thickening and gelling agent.

Advantages of Guar Gum Powder for Mining and Explosive

  • Viscosity control : To regulate the viscosity of fluids used in mining operations, guar gum powder can be used. The viscosity of the fluid can be changed to suit the needs of different procedures, such as drilling, cementing, or well stimulation, by varying the concentration of guar gum powder.
  • Suspension and stabilization :Guar gum powder has the ability to suspend solid particles in liquids and prevent their settling. This property can be beneficial in mining processes where suspending and stabilizing particles or additives is necessary, such as in drilling muds or explosives manufacturing.
  • Water retention :Guar gum powder has the ability to hold onto water and stop it from evaporating. The capacity to hold water can be helpful for enhancing the stability of the surrounding geological formations in some mining applications, such as underground mining or slope stabilisation.

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